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Range and service


It can be seen in both, our Catalogue of catalytic converters and Catalogue of particulate filters, that our product offer is not based on drawings or diagrams, filling up pages and pages with applications that are later found to be unavailable in the Warehouse; rather, they are presented through digital photographs of the real catalytic converter, with the characteristic AS design. That is, our Catalogue presents a fully existing range, developed and physically available, to offer an enviable service. At present, our Catalogue offers 1.275 catalytic converter parts to the market, all approved and available, giving service to over 6.600 different petrol and diesel vehicle applications and 687 particulate filters references, approved and available to serve more than 2.900 different applications in diesel vehicles.

Referring in overall terms to the European Union market, in which the catalytic converter has been used in petrol engines since 1993 and in diesel vehicles since 1996 (although in countries such as Germany the incorporation took place prior to these dates) and considering that vehicles of under two years old should not be considered within the fleet likely to require replacements, our excellent Range covers the applications that, in the Pareto diagram of replacement by volume in the EU represent over 90% of this volume.

Our mission as a reference and avant-garde for Independent Distribution commits us to continuous development in the extension of the range, which is translated, thanks to our Technical and Product departments, into the incorporation of new references equivalent to over 300 new applications annually, with which our coverage of the fleet will continue to increase in the future.


Our production flexibility, the suitable size of our stocks and our administrative / commercial management system enable us to guarantee:

  • For urgent orders, both domestically and internationally, the required product is collected by the carrier on the same day as your order.
  • Quick service to the market with highly competitive transport prices.
  • In normal orders, both for the domestic market and in the rest of the EU, the required product is delivered within the timescale agreed with the customer, and never more than two weeks; with a greater than 95% degree of compliance regarding the quantity requested.