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About AS

Located in Pamplona (Navarre, Spain), on an industrial site with an area of over 10,000 m2, AS has human resources with great experience in the research, design and production of emission control systems. Over 20% of its employees have technical or university qualifications.


AS, SLU was founded in 1973 and started with the manufacture of silencers and exhaust pipes.

Its continuous evolution led to a significant shift of its presence from the national market to export markets.

From 1996, the company made a strategic product change, incorporating the manufacture of catalytic converters for the reduction of gas emissions in petrol engine motor vehicles into its range.

In 2001, it included the manufacture of catalytic converters for diesel engine motor vehicles in its range.

At the high point of its product strategy, in 2002, AS, SLU stopped manufacturing silencers, to dedicate itself full-time to the manufacture of catalytic converters.

In 2013, it incorporated the manufacture of particulate filters for diesel vehicles into its range.

Technology and Production

Within the technical sphere, the process technology is based on automation and robotics, together with high standard product technology.

All the above, coupled with the flexibility of our production system and the continuous development of new parts approved by European Directives, has situated our company as a supplier to the main independent European distributors and purchasing groups.