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Our objective of customer satisfaction is based on the concept of total quality.

AS has the Initial Assessment granted by the German KBA (Kraftfahrt-Bundesamt) in accordance with the requirements of the EC Directives 98/77 and 2002/80, and regulation R103

Additionally, and also in accordance with the requirements of those directives, AS has been awarded the Certificate of Conformity of Production which is frequently verified after technical audits by the UCA, the Official Agency under the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism; along with physical-chemical testing in IDIADA, one of the two official laboratories in Spain and one of the few in Europe officially authorised to provide official approvals in accordance with European standards.

Therefore, AS has implemented a management quality system according to UNE-EN ISO 9001:2015.

AS, as the manufacturer of catalytic converters, identified with their trademark and approved by the Ministry of Science and Technology, CERTIFIES according to Regulation 1400/2002 and 461/2010 of the European Commission, that its catalysts are SPARE PARTS WITH QUALITY EQUIVALENT to that of the original components.

The individual components of our products are of the highest quality, from the ceramic substrata (also approved in accordance with the strict American standards EPA and CARB with levels of efficiency that are well above those required in these standards) to the stainless steel used in both the casing shells and ceramic substrata, as well as all the inlet and outlet pipes of our catalytic converters.

Our ceramic substrata are designed to enable the passage of the greatest possible amount of gas flow, thus creating a minimum back-pressure in the system, at the same time as it offers a maximum active gas exposure surface area.

The method of impregnation of the layer to which the catalytic elements are incorporated (combination of Platinum, Palladium and Rhodium, depending on the applications required) and the composition of the impregnation layer itself is what makes it possible to obtain, under strict control of the specifications, the physicochemical characteristics that give our products exceptional quality in terms of chemical durability.

All the above, together with the experience AS has accumulated over the years in the design and development of exhaust systems, enables us to offer a guarantee for our products, without any limitation in terms of kilometres given their exceptional quality, although for obvious reasons there is a time limit.